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Access to geodetic data

Ordering data

Ordering data

Data listed below:

  • Orthophoto DOF050 for bigger areas, orhophoto DOF025 and orthophoto DOF050 infrared
  • Data from Real estate market records with data on the contracting parties
  • Land cadastre data with owners
  • Building cadastre data with owners and
  • Real estate register data with owners

can be obtained on the base of the Digital data order form, available below on the page. Clients who order personal data (data on owners and contracting parties) must prove the legal basis.

All other data sets:

  • Orthophoto DOF050 (sheet by sheet)
  • National topographic database
  • National topographic maps
  • National large-scale maps
  • Digital elevation model
  • Basic geodetic system
  • Register of geographical names
  • National border record
  • Register of spatial units
  • Building cadastre
  • Land cadastre
  • Real estate register
  • Consolidated cadastre of public infrastructure
  • Valuation models register
  • Real estate market records
  • Data on sheets repartition of the maps

are freely available thru the aplication e-Surveying data, where also information on data structure is published.

Digital data order form - pdf

Digital data order form - doc

Filled form should be sent to e-mail address


Data from the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter: GURS) have the status of public information and are available under the terms of the international Creative Commons license 4.0 (recognition of authorship). The full license is accessible at: Under this license, any user is allowed to use the data from the GURS records for commercial and non-commercial purposes, provided they indicates the data source. It is allowed to share and adapt the data.

The data user shall indicate the data source in every publication of data or products. Such indications shall include the following data: "Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia, the type of data and the time to which the data refer and/or the date of the database."

The GURS shall provide the data and services “as are”, excluding any liability in relation to their quality:

  • it shall not be held responsible for the content or any errors or deficiencies in the data or services;
  • it shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the user directly or indirectly by the use and/or incorrect interpretation of the data and information available on its websites, and/or which the user can download from its websites/applications;
  • it shall not guarantee the continuous availability of data or services.

GURS shall have the right to modify the structure of data and access services and the general conditions of their use at any time, and shall inform the users thereof via the website

By confirming the general conditions and using the data or services, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of use. The right to use shall cease immediately if the user violates the terms of use or uses them contrary to their purpose.

Price list of material expenses for issuing geodetic data is published in the article 17 of the Decree on the provision and re-use of public information (Official Gazette of RS, no. 24/16 ).

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